Zip Up for the Holidays

One of my favourite parts of the holidays are the traditions.  I love the classics – socks and oranges in the stockings, cookies and milk left out for Santa, pajamas and slippers opened on Christmas Eve – but I also love building new traditions.  Every year we have a staple gift for each family member.  I get a mini Lego set, K gets a new mug with a specialty hot chocolate mix, and as a family we get a new set of sheets.

As the dust settles on Christmas morning we would put on our new socks and change our sheets, knowing that we have the best night’s sleep to look forward to..

This year that last part is going to  be even easier with a new set of QuickZip sheets!  Months ago we put the base of the queen sized sheet set on our mattress, now to change the sheets we just zip off the sheet and put a new one on.  Storing the spares is a breeze as well, no more fussing with folding fitted sheets for the linen closet.

There is a safety aspect as well.  Fitted sheets can slip off the corners of mattresses, and while we (as adults) can just stretch it back over the corner and fall asleep, our little ones don’t understand what’s going on.  A loose fitted sheet can lead to suffocation in a crib.  Quick Zip crib sheets enclose the ENTIRE mattress, so there is absolutely no chance that a section of sheets will come loose and pose a suffocation risk.

Now that I’ve completely terrified you (sorry about that), Let’s get back to the festive season!  QuickZip has offered a $50 in-store credit for one of you lucky readers!  If you live in Canada (no QC, sorry…), click below for your chance to win!

Zip Up for the Holidays

Happy holidays, and good luck out there.

Disclaimer: QuickZip has provided a $50 credit for one lucky reader.  All opinions are my own.

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