Trackr – The Easiest Game of Hide-And-Seek

Last week the Wee Baby T started walking.  I don’t mean those adorable toddle steps, I mean full-on walking.  Sometimes with a clear destination in mind, typically just in a general “over there” direction.  With arms flailing wildly for increased balance he motors across the living room, bounces off the wall before making it around the corner and…  Sh*t, where is he going?

Fortunately it’s just a short hallway and the doors are all closed.  He isn’t tall enough to open anything yet.  That’ll be a scary day.

But this gave me an idea.  While he is still trying to wrap his head around the idea of ‘hiding’, why not start challenging him to a little hide-and-seek?  With the help of his mother the Wee Baby T toddled off while I counted to 30.  Now, I didn’t take into consideration K’s creativity, but to tip the odds in my favor I had attached a TrackR to his shirt-tag.  Once I got within Bluetooth range it was as simple as following the beeps.

Cheating? Well, yeah.  Now just imagine how helpful this will be when he starts hiding things!

Parenting is enough of a challenge without constantly trying to find your belongings.  Pick up a few of these and always know where you left your keys, or where they toddled off to.  Better yet, enter for your chance to win a free TrackR below!

TrackR – Making Parenting Easy

Good luck out there!

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