Thursday Roundup!

Ever wonder why R is the short form for Thursday? I always thought it’s because ‘Rsday’ (Errrrsday) sounds close enough, and T is clearly used for Tuesday, but it seems to me more apt to use it for Roundup Day!

Here is a listing of some of my favourite dad blogs from this week. They’re funny, they’re sad, they’re well written.

1. Whapples on the Night Fidel Castro Died – Daddy Medium Well
A great insight to late night parenting.  Finn sounds adorable, and I can’t wait for the Wee Baby T to start speaking.

2. Internet Copyright Laws and Fair Use – Modern Father Online
Apropos.  A well written piece encouraging clever and creative people, and giving credit where it’s due.

3. PICK ME THE FVK UP! – Life of Dad
I’m right there with you, Patrick.  A story of the struggles of infant sleep.  If you figure it out, let me know!

4. Stop Taking Crappy Pictures of Your Kid! – Family Optimized
Five simple tips to get great shots every time.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did, check back next week for another dadblog roundup!


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