Thursday Dad Blog Round-up January 19

Ever wonder why R is the short form for Thursday? I always thought it’s because ‘Rsday’ (Errrrsday) sounds close enough, and T is clearly used for Tuesday. To clear the whole mess up, let’s just call it a dad blog Roundup Day!

Here is a listing of some of my favourite dad blogs from this week. They’re funny, they’re sad, they’re well written, they’re the best I’ve found all week. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

Mobile Phone Drone – How To Daddo
It’s nice to unplug.  Be present with your family, google will be there when the kids go down for a nap! And then let me know how you manage.  Should I lock my phone in a safe, or…

The First Moment I Felt Like a Dad – Dad Goes Round
That first moment we feel like a dad.  It’s a wonderful feeling, but it doesn’t always coincide with the birth. Discovering that bond on his nightly walks, Dad Goes Round shares his moment when he felt like a dad for the first time.

Marketing for Dads: “Give Mum Some Time Off” – The Dadventurer
The biggest issue I have with targeted marketing is that it exists.  Why is anything baby/child related geared towards mothers, and dads just get in the way, or act as a back-up?  The Dadventurer gets it, and he’s taking steps to fight the good fight!  The Che Guevara of the parenting world, fighting inequality and stereotypes!

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