The Things You Forgot You Knew

It’s been a long 4 weeks.  I’ve loved every waking moment (‘waking’, of course, being the current default mode) of being at home with my family.  Initially I was on T duty – play groups, walks to the park, reading, bath time – anything to keep him entertained and away from his sister.  Between K not being able to lift him and Remy taking up most of her time with cluster feeds it was all daddy, all the time.

Once things settled down though I finally got some time to spend with my daughter.  “This’ll be easy,” I thought to myself.  “I’ve done this before.  19 months and I never got peed on by T, I’m a pro!”

When I held Remy for the first time I was shocked by how small she was.  She was born heavier than her brother, but still, 7 lbs 4 oz is TINY!  Then it was time to swaddle her up.  I’ve clearly been out of practice, and my first few attempts were laughably pathetic.  I had forgotten some of the basic tasks of raising a newborn.

Fortunately, just when I needed it most the doorbell rang and my Kepi swaddle arrived.  It’s wide hook-and-loop patches are easy to adjust and will handle a variety of sizes, but that’s not the clever bit.  Kepi has a rigid insert which supports the baby’s head and neck so you don’t have to.  Perfect for passing the baby to visitors and well-wishers, great for letting T hold his sister for adorable photos.

I really love this swaddle.  It’s soft, it’s strong, it makes life easier for me.  K has some reservations though, and to be thorough I want to point out some of the issues we have found:

  • It’s very warm, which is great, but with that warmth comes some bulk which makes nursing challenging.
  • The support brace of the swaddle needs to come out before burping.  The bulk also makes burping a bit of a challenge.
  • The swaddle has a tendency to roll to one side or another.  That’s fine if you are using the included base to support your little one, but you can’t just set them down in a crib and walk away.

In short, this is a great swaddle for in-between feeds and around the house carrying.  It’s wonderful for passing the baby to people who aren’t as comfortable with newborns or have limited motor control, but there are situations when it is less than helpful.  Want to give it a shot yourself?  It’s easy to enter, just check this out:

Kepi Swaddle

It’s been a long 4 weeks, full of re-learning things long forgotten and discovering new things.  The most surprising thing I forgot about?  How looking at your newborn will make your heart explode.  Seriously, she should have come with a Surgeon’s General warning.

Good luck out there!

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