Solid Foods – BabyBrezza review

“It’s time to start your baby on… solid foods.”

It could have been very dramatic, but our pediatrician is just so laid back.

“Whatever veggies or fruit you’ve got laying around the house. Just blend it up and give it to him.” As if starting solid foods could be that simple.

We wanted to make T’s foods ourselves but weren’t sure if we would have the time or the energy to make it fresh. Furthermore, we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on individual servings of peas, asparagus, and chicken when we could just spend the time to steam and blend veggies up ourselves. After looking at some options available for baby food makers we chose the BabyBrezza (, and it arrived just in time (thank you Amazon!).

Solid Foods

Our pediatrician specified we need to introduce one item of food at a time, so we know what T likes, and if there are any allergies. We started with sweet potatoes and went through everything in the refrigerator – bananas, avocado, peas, corn, carrots, broccoli, squash, apples, asparagus… Each time T makes the most adorable face on the first bite, as if to ask “WHY ARE YOU FEEDING ME THIS FILTH?!” but after a moment he opens wide and can’t get enough. We haven’t found anything he won’t eat. Oh, except avocados. Sure he’ll eat them no problem, but then about an hour and a half later it all comes back up, probably while you’ve got him in his carrier just for good measure.

Solid Foods

The BabyBrezza worked great – at first. Fill the water reservoir, put the blade in, drop the diced fruit and/or veggie of your choice in, tell it how long to steam and walk away. Once the steam cycle is done you hear 3 beeps, then the WHIRRR of the blender, which is surprisingly quiet. Empty the contents, freeze, and repeat; presto – baby gets his solid foods.

Solid FoodsUntil it becomes possessed, starts beeping angrily at you, and won’t stop even after you unplug it from the wall.

We called customer service who asked for a video of it not working (odd, how do you film something NOT doing anything?). They sent out a replacement fairly quickly with return postage provided for the original. It’s been 2 months and we haven’t had any issues since. My guess is we just got unlucky with the first one.

Overall the BabyBrezza works well and is very convenient. It is easy to clean and is relatively quiet (but I wouldn’t suggest making food during nap-time). It makes about six 4 oz. servings of solid foods at a time with minimal prep-work.  About 20 minutes of actual work throughout the day will make enough food to last a week. Sure it’s finicky and doesn’t like being turned upside down, but I’d say this is a great buy for parents interested in saving a lot of cash and custom making their baby’s solid foods.

Turns out making your baby’s solid foods really can be that easy!

Good luck out there.

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