SickKids Foundation: Make Every Kid a Healthy Kid

We all have causes that are near and dear to us.  Aunt May’s husband was car jacked and shot, she donates to gun control lobbyists; Jack Murdock’s son went blind from a freak nuclear waste accident, he gives what he can to David Suzuki; Betsy Rosslost her boyfriend when he went MIA during World War 2, she supports DPAA.  I have always been fond of Movember, but after a 3 day stint at SickKids hospital, our cause is the SickKids Foundation.

SickKids Foundation

First of all, T is completely healthy. He was born a month early, so everyone was a little extra cautious. Our paediatrician sent us to SickKids for some blood work, and they suggested we stay a few days. Those 60 some odd hours were eye opening.

SickKids FoundationEveryone at SickKids was incredibly helpful and pleasant, right down to the staff at the cafeteria. You could tell that the doctors and nurses were there because they had a passion for making children well.  As I wandered the hall I realized that this is a hospital that matters; an important part of our community.  Our routine overnight stay is nothing compared to what goes on day in and day out at SickKids.

I am still participating in Movember this year.  It is a great charity and has a lot of face value (see what I did there?), and this year K and I will be matching all of the funds we receive as a one-time donation to the SickKids Foundation.

In the months that I’ve been writing I haven’t asked for much, but I ask you today – find your cause.  If it happens to be Movember and/or SickKids Foundation, please contribute here

Thank you.

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