A Quick Zip Solves Sheet Set SNAFUs

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this – it’s around midnight, I’ve just settled in to some good solid sleep and a dream about race cars on the moon or something equally bizarre when the baby monitor on the bedside starts squelching.  I’ll wait a beat to see if the Wee Baby T will settle himself down, and then head in to see what the problem is.  Opening the nursery door my nose is assaulted by the odours that only parents would try to identify individually (I guess he had broccoli for lunch…  Lucky me!).  I pick T up in the dark and wander over to the change table only to realize that this is no regular change, it’s EVERYWHERE. I mean I may need to repaint the walls.  A bath, a fresh diaper, and a new outfit and the little guy is back asleep in my arms, but now what?  I can’t put him back in the horror show that was his crib, and I can’t change the sheets with only one hand!

Or can I?

What is it?

Imagine a fitted sheet, but instead of stretching over the top it goes underneath the mattress.  Now replace the elastic with a zip and you’ve got a permanent base for your bottom sheet.  Just zip in a new cover and you’re back to sleep in no time*.

QuickZip sheets – “The first innovation in the fitted sheet since 1959” was established in 2001 with a simple idea and a mantra: “Friends don’t let friends smash knuckles.”  Elizabeth Sopher started her project when her first child was born and she found herself struggling with the scenario every parent dreads – bedding changes.

Just watch how easy it is:

How it helps:

The Canadian Infant Safe Sleep (sleepsafe.ca) organization has established safety requirements for crib manufacturers, and recommends that crib mattresses should fit snugly into the sides of the crib.  This means getting an already tight fitted sheet over the corners of a mattress and ensuring they stay there is going to be particularly difficult, day or night.  QuickZip eliminates this struggle.

The base sheet fits snug around the mattress, and doesn’t need to be replaced. Zip in the top sheet and your child has a clean safe environment to sleep.

Got a toddler?  Don’t have any kids?  This is still the product for you – QuickZip offers bedding in all sizes, from infant standard crib mattress to California King!  Save time on ‘clean sheet day’ for all of the beds in your home.

The Giveaway:

I can’t tell you how amazing the sheets have been.  Combined with the waterproof mattress protector they are up for any challenge.  Fortunately (for residents of Canada, other than Quebec) you won’t have to take my word for it!  QuickZip is offering a $75 credit for the lucky winner of our Sheet SNAFU Giveaway!  Got a friend who loves a well made bed but hates fitted sheets?  Just tag them on this Instagram post and follow Dadsense and QuickZip for your chance to win!  The winner will be announced on the Dadsense Facebook page on March 24th, so make sure you keep an eye out, and we’ve got plenty more giveaways coming up this month, so you should probably subscribe to the blog and follow us on Facebook!

*Dadsense.ca cannot guarantee that you will actually be back asleep in no time.  There are mitigating factors beyond our control.  We can, however guarantee that this will be the easiest bedding change of your life!

Sleep well, and good luck out there.

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