Preserving Traditions with McGregor Socks

The gate is across the stairs, my sister and I are craning our necks to see the living room.  We know it’s useless, we try every year but we just can’t see the tree from up here.  Sure we are old enough that we COULD take the gate down, but then Santa might come and take everything back.  So we wait for mum and dad to have a coffee in bed.  By around 9 we can’t take it any more – we barge in and drag our parents downstairs with the promise of tea and breakfast (which they will inevitably end up making for themselves).

Before my parents are even settled on the couch my sister and I have torn into our stockings.  Who needs breakfast when there is an ENTIRE Terry’s Chocolate Orange right on top, sealing in the goodies!  I’ll pause for a minute, debating if it is better to tuck in to the chocolate or keep digging.  It varies from year to year but eventually I get past the chocolate and…


I know, it’s weird.  The 2 best days are new sock day and clean sheet day.  Anyone who disagrees is a liar.  The weeks surrounding Christmas is the happiest time my feet get all year.

Sure, you can buy socks any time, but Christmas is a time for fun!  This year, pass on the plain white or gold toe socks.  Stuff those stockings with something with a little pizzazz! McGregor has a line of fun holiday socks that make a statement while being incredibly comfortable.  Delight your feet AND your friends with your holiday spirit.

Want to win the perfect holiday pack?  We’ve partnered with McGregor to give one lucky reader a set of their festive socks:

Preserving Tradition with McGregor Socks

Happy holidays, and good luck out there!

Disclaimer: McGregor sent me a selection of their Holiday socks to try, and another pair to give away.  All opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “Preserving Traditions with McGregor Socks”

  • One of our favourite traditions is doing all the Christmas Baking to share with friends & family while listening to our favourite Christmas music.

  • Every Christmas Eve is just for my hubby, 2 girls and I. The girls open one present which always contains new PJs, a movie, snacks and reindeer food. The girls put on their new PJs, sprinkle reindeer food outside and we watch out new movie together as a family.

  • My favorite holiday traditions is decorating the Christmas tree with my family while listening to Christmas music and open our daily advent calendar after breakfast

  • Our favorite holiday tradition is going for a drive with all the kids to see the Christmas lights around our neighborhood.

  • Christmas Eve, we attend Church Services followed by watching a Christmas movie, all snuggled in our jammies. As we head to bed, the kids set out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer,

  • One of my favorite traditions is everyone getting to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It’s always fun to watch the kids try to decide which one to open to have the most Christmas Eve fun.

  • Socks are a big tradition at our house. We hang up our stockings and as tradition holds there is always a new pair of socks in the toe along with a mandarin orange…interesting the orange never freezes on Santa’s sleigh. Then more goodies.

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