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When we first brought the Wee Baby T home there was no point in owning a crib – we wanted to hold him all the time.  Naps were taken in our arms, I stayed up with him until 1 in the morning watching him sleep and K would take over for the day.  He probably spent no more than 4 hours in his bassinet each day.  As he grew older (and heavier) we started to transition him to a crib overnight and during naps, but we were met with resistance.  Then one day I was poking through the books that we received at our baby shower and found “The No Cry Sleep Solution”.  While it was aimed at babies slightly older than T, I figured it might be a good idea to understand the concepts before it was time to start sleep training.  Later that week we actually managed to put the 5 month old Wee Baby T down for 5 or 6 hours at night without interruptions.  It was amazing, and that was just the start.

When he was about 6 months old, and without much involvement from us the Wee Baby T started sleeping right through – 8 hours, 9, 12 hours at a time without so much as a peep – and I’d say it’s largely because of the tips in the No Cry Sleep Solution.

Get some Sleep!
The No-Cry Sleep Solution

Elizabeth Pantley asks “Are you preventing your baby from sleeping through the night?”:

Here’s something that may really surprise you: As much as we may want our babies to sleep through the night, our own subconscious emotions sometimes hold us back from encouraging change in our babies’ sleeping habits. You yourself may be the very obstacle preventing you from changing a routine that disrupts your life.

She was right, we were causing our own problems.  By staying up with T until midnight I was creating an artificial rhythm, and it became part of his routine – sleep until midnight, get fed, go back to sleep. Transitioning between myself and K was giving each of us a half-night’s sleep, but by making some small changes we could actually work together to get a solid 8 hours.  We suddenly found ourselves with 2 or 3 hours each night where we could have dinner TOGETHER on the couch watching TV or playing board games!

From there, the No-Cry Sleep Solution offers tips and tricks, from putting your little one down to helping them stay asleep.  This excerpt is from a chapter on weaning your little one from frequent late-night feeds.  So long as your little one has no signs of dehydration and plenty of wet diapers, you can probably start cutting down on the late night feeds, they’re just trying to soothe themselves.  Of course you are in the best position to judge if they need to eat or if they are just fussy, and speak with your pediatrician for their opinion on when your little one can go through the night.  Ours suggested T should be sleeping through the night at 5 months.

Get some Sleep!
The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns

Elizabeth does a great job at breaking down the sleep cycle of infants in the No-Cry Sleep Solution, and key signs to look out for and capitalize on to get your little one down at night, and helps parents with the following topics:

  • Uncover the stumbling blocks that prevent baby from sleeping through the night
  • Determine–and work with–baby’s biological sleep rhythms
  • Create a customized, step-by-step plan to get baby to sleep through the night
  • Use the Persistent Gentle Removal System to teach baby to fall asleep without breast-feeding, bottle feeding, or using a pacifier

There are so many sleep training methods out there, and each has their advantages.  Really it is up to us as parents to understand each method, identify it’s strengths and try to determine when it is best to use particular aspects from each.  That said, I’ve found The No-Cry Sleep Solution to have a near immediate impact on the sleeping habits of our little one, and with minimal impact to our daily lives.  Combined with a regular schedule and routine, T is sleeping for 10 to 12 hours a night – down at 7 and usually up anywhere between 5 and 7 the next morning.


With 2 months of amazing sleep behind us I’m thrilled to share this with the world.  Elizabeth has been so generous and has two books to give away for our Canadian readers (sorry, not in QC…) – The No-Cry Sleep Solution, and her newest publication The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns!  Want to get your hands on a copy?  Just comment below and let us know which version you need, and what you would do with an extra 2 hours in your day!  Keep it clean people, we all know what priority #1 would be…

Be sure to follow Dadsense on Facebook, we’ll announce the winners on April 14th!

Sweet dreams, and good luck out there!

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  • With two extra hours in our day we could get some much needed baby proofing done as our little one will soon be starting to crawl! We would love a copy of the No Cry Sleep Solution.

  • We would love the No Cry Sleep Solution! With 2 extra hours in the day I could get some work done on my PhD dissertation:)

  • We would love the no-cry sleep solution!! With 2 extra hours in a day, we would definitely go with option#1, haha!! In the spirit of keeping it clean, we would take time to have a quiet, beautifully prepared home cooked dinner 🙂

  • I would love the newest publication for newborns. We have a six week old son and he is currently starting to cat nap and fussying if he sleeps in the bassinet. With an extra two hours my husband and I would catch up on much needed sleep! Else we’d have more time to organize the nursery or spend some quiet time together playing board games.

  • Our newborn is 8 weeks now! With an extra two hours a day I would be able to prepare more healthy meals and catch up on sleep with a nap!

  • We would love the No Cry Sleep Solution.
    With 2 more hours in the day I would do more regular yoga,, reading and cooking. And why not complete that craft project that I never had time to finish!

  • I’d love a copy of the No Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns. I read Pantley’s original no cry sleep solution for our first and found it to be very helpful.

  • I would love a copy of the No Cry Sleep Solution. With 2 more hours in the day I could do more of my sewing project or even catch up on some well needed sleep and relaxation (hello well deserved bubble bath!)

  • I would love a copy of the No Cry Solution for newborns..
    With 2 more hours I would love to cook some healthy meals and do some excercise to get back on track..Definitely spend more time with my husband..

  • My daughter is 1 week past due date so i know that the No Cry Sleep Solution is something that she would love. Getting the newborn to sleep has been a topic we discussed just last week.

  • Would love a copy of the no cry sleep solution book. Oh the many things I would do with a few extra hours to myself. Tidy up the house, spend time with my husband and catch up on sleep.

  • Currently reading the no-cry sleep solution book from the library, it would be great to actually own a hard copy to be able to refer back to it as well as not be stressed about finding time to get the book finished before the due date deadline!

  • Hi. I would love to have the No-cry sleep solution book. With extra two hours in our day, I would use it to spend more quality time with my husband and start crocheting again.

  • With an extra two hours in a day I could shower, maybe catch up on some housework and take a nap. I’d love a copy of the no cry sleep solutions for newborns.

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