Musée Canadien de L’Histoire – 150 Years of Canadian History

When we planned this trip initially the goal was to get some hiking in, see the sights and enjoy the beautiful summer days.  Sadly it appears we forgot to invite Mother Nature to those meetings, and we’re trapped indoors.  Faced with a gloomy long weekend in the hotel room playing cards and turning the bathtub into a swimming pool for the Wee Baby T (and inevitably getting soaked either way), we had a brainwave – dig out the umbrellas, and pack in to the Kia Sorento SX+ there is bound to be something we can do!

We reached out to the Musée Canadien de L’Histoire (The Canadian Museum of History) who were so generous as to provide us with passes.  What an absolutely beautiful museum!  There are so many exhibits at the Canadian Museum of History, but we had planned ahead.  The plan was to start downstairs at the First Peoples of the Northwest Coast exhibit and the Grand Hall.  From there we would head upstairs to the Hockey and Horsepower exhibits while T had a nap, then let him explore the Children’s Museum.  Like the best laid schemes, things went agley.  T was wide awake through the special exhibits and dozed off just as we got to the Children’s Museum.

Although T was asleep we still explored the Children’s Museum, in hopes T might sense the excitement from his fellow people and wake up. I wished there was a place like this near me when I was growing up. There are many different themed areas which encourage kids to not just explore, but learn and question. Our first stop was the Theatre, which had a not so small stage, seating, a lighting booth with a staff member showing kids how to control the lights, and behind the stage area overflowing with costumes and props. We walked past children exploring an ornately decorated Pakistani bus, living spaces inspired by Indonesia and a scale-model pyramid with a rumoured secret entrance.

I think my favourite part of the day was the Horse Power exhibit.  As we walked through we saw the progression of transportation at its infancy. Personal carriages to public transportation, each model was designed to fit the needs of society.  We had a laugh initially, looking at how far we’ve come from horse drawn carriage to the Kia Sorrento we have for the weekend.  While there were clear comparisons between the carriages and their modern equivalents, it really put the improvements into the spotlight.

Plan to spend a good chunk of your day here. If it’s beautiful, bring a picnic and behind the museum, which has an unparalleled view of the Parliament Buildings and The National Gallery of Canada. If it’s raining the lower level café has floor to ceiling windows to give you the same great view while staying dry.


We had a fantastic time at the Canadian Museum of History, but I want you to experience the fun too!  If you’re a resident of Quebec or Ontario, enter below for your chance to win a family pass.  Thanks to the Canadian Museum of History for the passes!  We were also lucky enough to experience the brilliant Canadian Aviation and Space museum, be sure to check out this post and enter to win a family pass for that museum as well.

Disclaimer:  The Canadian Museum of History provided us with admission passes to view the museum, and another to give away.  All opinions are my own.

Musée Canadien de L’Histoire – GIVEAWAY!

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