Moso Natural – A Breath of Fresh Air This Holiday Season

I love winter!  I love sleeping in the cold, I love bundling up in layers.  I love heated seats in the car and hot chocolate around a fire pit as the snow falls all around.  I love the smell of the winter air and the fireplaces burning along the street.  I love all that, and making a giant batch of chili.

This year I reigned in the heat on my internationally famous chili so T could try some as well.  He absolutely LOVES it, which is great – it’s easy to reheat and makes for a healthy meal for the little guy.  The only downside is the diaper changes…

So far I’ve tried to steer this blog away from the crass nature of the unpleasant end of babies, but the last few days have been eye-watering.  The diaper pail can’t keep up, and we were so close to just leaving the diapers in the back yard until garbage day.

But then we got in touch with Moso Naturals.  They sent us a 200g bag of their activated charcoal air purifier bags to try out – perfect timing.  We noticed a massive improvement just a couple of hours after putting the bag in the nursery.

200gnat__62014.1420571138.1280.1280.jpg (812×986)Moso bags aren’t an air freshener, there are no chemicals or scents to mask odors.  Quite the opposite in fact – they absorb moisture, bacteria, and odors right out of the air as they sit in the corner of the room.  After a month just leave your Moso bag out on a sunny day and the UV light from the sun will “Clean out the pores of the bamboo charcoal” and you’re good to go again!

Moso Natural offers multiple sizes to freshen anything from a pair of shoes to a 250 square foot room.  The 200 gram bags that we have work great for our little nursery, and with a lifespan of 2 years you can’t argue with the price!

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer for an athlete (especially hockey players… whew), or a family with a young baby, this is a great option that will get years of use!  You can buy Moso bags from Moso Natural’s website, or in many big stores – Canadian Tire, Bed Bath and Beyond, or even Amazon, where it has 2,367 5 star reviews! Wait, 2,368 – I just added mine.

Moso wants you to have a chance to try these great bags out for free!  Enter below for your chance to win a 200 gram bag (good for a small room or the car), and a pair of the Moso Minis for your shoes!

Moso Naturals – A Better Fresh

Good luck out there.

Disclaimer:  Moso Natural sent me a 200 gram bag to test in our home, and provided product for the above giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

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