The Mobile Family: From Man-Power to Minivans

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As much as I’m eager for our new life in the suburbs to begin, there is a lot that Toronto has going for it.  I have called this city my home for the last 15 years – longer than I have ever lived in any one place, and apart from the occasional vacation I’ve never needed a car.  Public transportation has always been the way to go.

But now we’ve done it.  Our transformation to suburban family is complete with the purchase of our very first car, and we went straight for the minivan.

I’ve spent the last 6 months thinking about which vehicle to buy for my family.  There are so many options out there, and so many priorities to take into consideration.  First and foremost, will 2 rear facing car seats fit in the back?  With 2 under 2, we’d like to have them both rear facing as long as possible, and in every single car we have rented over the last 18 months we have had issues getting our rear facing convertible seat anywhere other than the middle position.

Enter  Their car seat check database helps detail many makes and models, offering advice on everything from which cars can fit 3 seats across, and which work best with rear-facing seats, giving each aspect a grade.

In the end we decided the long-term functionality of the Kia Sedona was ideal for our family of four.  We enjoy long drives for family vacations, we have a dog who needs her own space, and I’m a bit of a wood-worker, so being able to haul a sheet of plywood is a must!  Having used a Kia on our recent road trip to Ottawa, we were already confident in the quality and comfort, but being reassured that the Sedona will work for our family’s growing needs was icing on the cake.

While I spent months with K determining the best vehicle for our family, I feel like it would have been so much longer without the help of  When picking your next family vehicle this site can help you separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and free up more time to test drive and pick the best colour.

Good luck out there.

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for my time on this post, but all opinions are my own: really is a great resource to get started on your next vehicle purchase.

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