Magnetic Me

I hate the snaps on baby clothes.  The only thing worse than snaps are buttons.  How the hell do the buttons come undone the second you put them on your kid, but when you actively try to take them off they become impossible? And don’t even get me started on zippers – want your little one to stay asleep through a diaper change?  Good luck when their entire body is suddenly exposed to the cold night air.  It amazes me that in all the years that people have been having children we haven’t spent a little more time developing clothing.  It’s almost like we don’t have a big enough challenge in our lives, what with the lack of sleep, and the moving target of a fidgeting baby to deal with.

Fortunately I’m not the only one who has thought of this problem.  I’d like to introduce you to Lauren and Lawrence, the creative duo behind Magnificent Baby and their line of children’s clothing – Magnetic Me.

About an hour after her birth we brought Remy down to recovery.  Having done her tests (first straight A report card! #parentbrag) we were free to dress her.  The nurse turned her attention to the room, fussing with the lights for a moment, and when she looked back Remy was dressed and looking absolutely adorable. “That was so fast! How many kids did you say you have??”  To be honest, over the last 19 months I had gotten a bit rusty when it came to newborns – basic skills like swaddling and burping were a bit of a challenge initially, and I had completely forgotten how small a 7 lb baby could be.  Fortunately dressing her was an absolute breeze thanks to MagneticMe.

I showed the nurse and she reeled back – “NOOOOOooooo!!”  Then looking out the door and yelling down the hallway – “Susan! Susan get in here, you’ve got to see this!”  It wasn’t long before all of the nurses (and some of the other parents) had stopped by to see how easy it was to dress our little one.

These onesies are so soft, and with a variety of styles they are suitable for winter or summer.  We received 3 samples to try out all in the 0-3 month range and they are still a little big on Remy, but the concept still works wonderfully, and they come in newborn sizes as well.  I wish I had found these for The Wee Baby T, but then I wouldn’t have any experience with the true struggles of parenting!

Good luck out there.

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