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When K and I got married we went to visit my home town in Virginia.  After the tour of the neighborhood and a day spent in Washington DC, we decided to go for a hike through the Shenandoah Valley.  To the day I die, I swear this is the most beautiful place on the planet.  As we spent that afternoon hiking on the Appalachian Trail, a crazy thought struck us – People actually hike this straight through, all 3500 kilometers of it!  We were young (ish) healthy (ish) adults, we could probably through-hike the A.T. with ease…

After 4 days of hiking we decided to look at a map to see how much of the trail we had actually covered and were a little disappointed with how little we had accomplished.  So through-hiking was out; but what if we planned a different vacation every year, traveling to all 13 states that the Appalachian Trail crosses?  That sounded a little more reasonable.

The following year we spent a week in Vermont rock climbing, because whomever is responsible for marking the A.T. is a sick and twisted individual.  That was a serious challenge.  Then the Wee Baby T was on his way, and our hiking plans were put on hold.

I’m thrilled that this year we pulled our boots on and head out again.  We wanted to keep it close – a long drive with an infant is the closest thing to hell I’d like to experience, no matter how well prepared you are.  We settled on Massachusetts, it was only a 6 hour drive across the state of New York and had some great trail maps available.  Our timeshare unit was older and needed a little work, but the beds were comfortable, the water was hot, and it had a full kitchen, exactly what we needed with our little food critic.

We stayed along the West side of the state, and enjoyed some beautiful hikes along the state parks.  I’d highly recommend Massachusetts to anyone who is interested in history and the outdoors.  It’s not nearly as nice as Virginia, but it is definitely in my top 5 favourite states.  My highlight of the trip?  As we hiked along with T in the Phil and Teds he was babbling away to himself having the time of his life.  He told us wonderful stories – “Ba baba ba BA BA BAAAA Da da daaa da mmmmmmm babababa BAAAA!!!” and then fell asleep.

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