Introducing – Remy

4 days. A lot can happen. Neil Armstrong made it to the moon and declared “That’s one small step for man…”. 4 generations of Mayflies can be born, raised, go to college, quit college and backpack through the Mayfly version of Europe, have a family of their own, and die. This guy can write a blog post.

Time & Date K’s perspective My perspective
1 PM, January 25 Scheduled to be induced, we pack our bags and head to the hospital.  It’s a pleasant drive and we talk nonsense.
4 PM, January 25 Induction canceled – “You’re already at 3 CM, so there isn’t much we can do.  Head home and rest, come back in the morning at 10 and we’ll get things rolling.”
6 PM, January 25 I should eat, but I just want to go lay down and sleep. STEAK!  Ohh, and Guinness on tap…
9 PM, January 25 Oh I can’t wait for tomorrow.  I’ll fall asleep like a normal person Ok…  So I have 13 hours before we need to be back at the hospital.  No way I can sleep, so I’ll put the TV on.
11 PM, January 25 ZZZzzzzzzz….. OMG 2 KIDS!? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??
2 AM, January 26 Ugh… pee pee pee… that’s all I ever do at night AH!  Why is she getting out of bed?  “Hun, you ok?  What’s happening – do I need to start the car?
4 AM, January 26 ZZZzzzz…. Ok… ok, calm down and get some sleep.  Big day tomorrow.  TODAY?! OH MAN I’M FREAKING OUT!!!  Calm… Right, I can still get 5 hours of sleep…
7 AM, January 26 Wake up sleepyhead, we’ve got a baby to have! Zzzzz….
8 AM, January 26 Ok, I’ll just have a light breakfast without you and a nice hot shower. Zzzzzz…
9 AM, January 26 Epidural please Did I remember the cameral battery this time?
10:30 AM, January 26 Epidural please! I know I put them in here somewhere… Ohhh, Red Bull!
1 PM, January 26 WHERE IS THE DAMNED EPIDURAL DOCTOR PERSON??? Sorry nurse? Can we have someone maybe come see to my wife?
3 PM, January 26 Much better… That Anesthesiologist is my best friend… You’re going to put THAT in her spine?  *shudder*
4 PM, January 26 Nurse says we will be another 7 or 8 hours…  I should get some rest So should I have my second Red Bull now… or should I wait?
5 PM, January 26 Ok, not sure the epidural is working, I can feel my contractions…  Also, change the channel, I don’t want to watch re-runs of The X-Files. I mean, If the baby comes like RIGHT NOW, I’m going to want to be ready to rock and roll so I should totally have that Red Bull, but if it takes another 7 hours I’ll be a total zombie.
6:00 PM, January 26 Definitely not working properly!!! AHHHHH!!! GET THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST BACK HERE SO I CAN (deleted for decency) Nurse?  Yes I think you may want to come by…  She’s quite upset.  Also, do you think I have time to drink this Red Bull?
6:10 PM January 26 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Shit, should have had that Red Bull…  “Good job hun!” *feels useless*
Time & Date K Me Remy
6:25 PM January 26 Oh god is it over? How long has it been?  It feels like it’s been days! I… I can’t… wow…  that’s amazing. “Waaaaaah!”
6:26 PM January 26 Hey Remy!  I’m your mum! I mean… she’s perfect! “aaaaaaaahhhh…”
7:00 PM January 26 “Kevin, take some pictures.” “Huh? Oh… right.  Where’s the battery?  OH, a Red Bull!”  Seriously, how amazing is my wife?? “eeeeeehhhhhhh….”
9:00 PM January 26 Zzzzzzzz… Look at her.  I know I’ve seen her give birth before, but that’s so impressive.  I married a rock star.  Ohh, RockStar, I think I’ve got one of those energy drinks in the bag too… ZZZzzzzz…..
11:00 PM January 26 ZZzzzzzz… I should probably write a blog post about this so it doesn’t take me 4 days to post something. Zzzz…. “WAAAAAHHHHH!!!”


I’m thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter.  For simplicity’s sake we’ll call her Remy.  She is 7.4 lbs, 20 inches tall, and her favourite things in this world include Liverpool FC and milk.

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Admission – I know it’s been 6 days, but I forgot to press Publish 2 days ago, and then I couldn’t find anything cool that takes 6 days to happen… Just look at how adorable my daughter is and let me off the hook on this one!

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  • Well done Kevin! I love the way you love and admire K. and the way you described these few days! and really you are useful……even if you didn’t think so……….just being present is being useful. I’d hate to think of K going through this without you there. You two are amazing! and then there are 4….what a beautiful family! Don’t ‘they’ call this a millionaire’s family?

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