Happy Thanksgiving Leftover Day!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent a lovely weekend with family, exploring corn mazes and pumpkin patches, shooting applies out of pneumatic powered howitzers, and of course a delicious turkey dinner.  Unfortunately I’ve also got an ear infection, so I spent quite a bit of time laying on my side with drops in my ear.  This gave me a chance to reflect on the last year, the challenges we face in the autumn days of 2017, and what we get to look forward to in 2018.  With nothing to do and the background sounds of muffled voices I prepared the obligatory list of things I’m thankful for.

  • My wife. You all know her as K, but just like Lois Lane knows Clark Kent I know her true identity – she’s Marvelous Mom, Wonder Wife, and a Fantastic Friend. Ok, it’s probably about as obvious as Clark’s disguise. “Glasses, eh?  Nope, Superman doesn’t wear glasses. Let’s move on.”

To clarify, I’m Lois in this analogy.

  • My son. This kid… I swear, he’s always making me smile.  He’ll bring me to the brink of tearful pride, then do something so ridiculous I just can’t help but laugh.  His new thing is walking around putting both of his arms straight up and yelling “AAAAHHHHH!!!!” every time I say “TOUCHDOWN!!”  This will come in particularly handy for US Thanksgiving.
  • My blog. It gives me a quiet space to reflect, it lets me express myself, and it has included me into a network of parents with such amazing solutions to everyday situations.  Parents are the best…
  • Each of you. You folks are amazing!  Every now and again I get stopped at the grocery store with a “Do I know you?  Wait – you’re that Dadsense guy!”  Thank you, really.  It keeps me writing to know that people actually care, that people take the time to read.  Thank you.

Lately I’ve been working with Momzelle in one of my longest ongoing partnerships so far.  With Breastfeeding Month in full-swing, they have reached out to my wife to have her try on some of their new line-up of maternity and breastfeeding outfits.  While she isn’t due to be nursing again for a couple of months she is very excited about the shirts she had had a chance to try so far.  In the spirit of being Thanksgiving, Momzelle wants to thank their customers by offering a $50 credit to one of you!  If you’ve tried their clothing before, you know how great these clothes are.  If you haven’t and you’re nursing or expecting, this is your chance to try some Canadian made and designed nursing and maternity clothes!  Just enter below:

Good luck out there!

Momzelle – Breastfeeding and Maternity Apparel:

Disclosure: As indicated above, Momzelle has been a longstanding supporter of Dadsense and I am very thankful for that partnership.  Momzelle has provided a number of outfits for K to review, and this $50 giveaway.  All opinions are our own – K looks amazing in her maternity outfits, and she feels comfortable throughout the day.

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