Guest Post – One Item New Parents Forget to Include in their Registry:

Big thanks to my editor in chief for today’s guest post!  Where I excel in packing the car and preparing the diaper bag, K is a master at gift giving – and receiving.  If I were you, I’d take her baby registry advice to heart!

As a parent-to-be, putting a baby registry together is a daunting task. It was especially daunting for us in 2016, as the Wee Baby T was the first baby in both our families in over 10 years. Not only had so much changed in terms of technology (apps, baby food makers, baby monitors), but as condo-dwellers, we also had to make serious decisions around available space. The task of putting a registry together involved hours of research, which in part, inspired this blog.

Although we got everything we wanted, looking back, we didn’t get everything we needed. There was a glaring omission in our baby registry: consideration for parents. We spent all our time building our registry by asking, “What will our baby need?” and we completely forgot to ask ourselves the same thing. Parents are born the same day their first child is. It’s a new mindset, a new way of experiencing the world and especially for women, physically altering long after labour.

Looking back now I would have added a lot of other things to our “baby” registry, which I’ll re-name “new family” registry: homemade freezer meals/snacks, Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime membership and a good quality water bottle.

No matter what, mom-to-be’s building a registry should include nursing clothes.

Back in 2016, I wasn’t convinced I needed nursing shirts because of three reasons:

  • Some parents had told me not to worry about buying nursing clothes because I could just use a t-shirt or stretch my tank top.
  • Cost of purchasing clothes I would only wear for a short period of time (I’d already spent too much money on maternity clothes).
  • I hated the design of nursing clothes; they looked frumpy and basic, not at all my style.

I accidently discovered Canadian nursing clothes designer, Momzelle, at the Toronto Baby Show in 2016, when I was just five months pregnant with the Wee Baby T. It was the first time I found nursing shirts that didn’t look like nursing shirts! They looked stylish, comfortable and didn’t announce to the world that I was ready to take my breasts out at any moment. Momzelle is a Canadian company, and the quality of the shirts were unbelievable, definitely worth the $$. I started with two shirts, a dress and a bra, but let me tell you, as soon as baby arrived, I lived in my nursing clothes. Within the first week we had ordered the tank top, the sleep bra, and more nursing shirts. I wouldn’t have enjoyed breastfeeding the same way if I didn’t have nursing bras/shirts.

Fast forward to 2018. Remy is now 10 weeks old, which means I’ve been wearing Momzelle shirts and bras every day (and night) for 75 days. I look forward to the next 75 days of breastfeeding and pumping in these shirts.

If you are a new mom, or mom-to-be, and you’re planning on breastfeeding or pumping, my only piece of advice is to invest in nursing shirts. They make such a difference in the overall breastfeeding experience. With Momzelle, because the shirts/dresses don’t scream “nursing” I continued to wear some of the pieces between pregnancies. When I was pregnant with Remy, I found out that Momzelle makes dual shirts, which fit great during pregnancy and become nursing shirts once baby arrives. It’s taken longer to fit back into my “regular” clothes, so having nursing shirts with a bit of extra forgiveness around the waist/hips is wonderful.

Hey mammas! What would you recommend for other mom-to-be to include on their registry?

I’m a long time Momzelle customer, and recent brand ambassador.  I received many of the items pictured above to facilitate this post, however all opinions are my own.

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