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On a mission…

Parent bragging moment:  The Wee Baby T is starting to walk!  Well… sort of.  Clinging to my fingers he hauls himself to his feet and staggers around the living room.  It won’t be long before he is running free, but for now his desire to wander around means hours of me bent over offering that crucial support.  It’s adorable and I love it, but it gets harder to stand back up every time.  I recently went to see our family doctor about the growing pain in my shoulder and back.  He looked at me and said “You carry your son with that arm.  Of course it hurts.”  This led to a trip to a physiotherapist who cracked many bones in my spine, and suggested series of exercises to get my shoulder back in place.  “But how do I stop it from hurting NOW?”  Simple – heat therapy.

Like a sack of potatoes!

We have an electric heat pad that we bought years ago.  After dragging the couch to a power outlet (ouch), and spending 20 minutes fighting to position the pad correctly I found I just couldn’t get the heat where I needed it. It was great for lower back pain, but anything around the side or on your shoulder was useless, you just couldn’t maintain contact with the heat.  Plus the ‘safety’ thermostat was just annoying – just when it’s starting to get warm the daft thing switches off!
Then I found ComfyComfy Canada.  Their flax seed heat therapy pads are designed to deliver warmth right where you need it, applying both heat and pressure.  2 minutes in the microwave, a quick shake, and presto – next stop therapy town.  No fiddling with power chords, no worrying about how to position the pad to maintain contact.  The flax seed pockets shape naturally to your body, and they stay warm for a surprisingly long time.  The weight of the pack feels amazing pressing down on the knots in my shoulder.  The heat slowly dissipated, but even after an hour I was still very pleased with the warmth.

Even the Wee Baby T likes the colours and patterns!

Beyond the soothing pain relief, what else can I say about ComfyComfy Canada’s flax seed heat therapy pads?  Well there is a great selection of colours, and the minky micro-fiber case is incredibly soft.  I love that they are made locally in Canada.  They are available for $49.00 online here, or at any of these retail outlets.  While you can pick up an electric heat pad for $37.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart, I’d still say the flax seed heat therapy pad is definitely worth it.  The ComfyComfy Canada’s heat pad holds its temperature more consistently than an electric heat pad controlled by a thermostat, and provides a little pressure to help massage and relax sore muscles.  Plus, you don’t have to be 4 feet from a power outlet to use it. Unless you go for a full massage chair, you’re missing out!

If you’re in pain, heat therapy alone isn’t going to solve the problem – but it sure helps until you get in to see a doctor.  Got aches and pains?  ComfyComfy Canada wants to help!  Tag Dadsense in your Twitter (@dadsenseblog) or Instagram (@dadsense) post using #comfycomfy and tell us what causes your pain!  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, where we will announce the winners on April 21st!

Comfycomfy Canada provided product for a fair review, and they even threw in a spare for a give-away!  As always, all opinions are my own.

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