Dress Your Baby in a Snap

Quick survey – how many of you have misaligned those silly snaps on your little one’s onesies? Don’t lie, it’s ok… this is a safe and judgement free zone.  We’ve all been there, it’s super early (or late?), it’s dark, you’ve just changed the sheets in the crib and washed the overspray off your little one, now you’re dressing them.  Miraculously they’ve fallen back asleep on the change table, now all you need to do is get these buttons right.  Everything is going well until you get to the end and for some reason, you’ve got an extra snap.

Inevitably as you backtrack and undo your handy work to find the elusive missed snap, your little one wakes up, and now you’re sitting in the dark for the next hour trying to convince them it’s not play time and they should really consider going back to sleep.

I’ve discovered MagneticMe as the ideal solution.  The designs are bright and clean, and the magnets are strong enough to hold overnight but easy to disconnect when it’s time for a change.

I’ve been looking for a better solution to baby clothes, and I can’t wait to get T’s sister into these adorable outfits from MagneticMe.

Want to win a selection of MagneticMe gear for your little one?  Enter below for your chance to win!

Win a MagneticMe bundle!

Happy Holidays, and good luck out there.

Disclaimer:  Magnetic Me sent us a selection of their magnetic onesies to facilitate this review, and are providing the content of the giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

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