::dadlife:: Care Package Done Right!

So your friends have a newborn and you aren’t sure what to get them?  Registry too mainstream for you?  Take a page from my good friends Mike and Katie and you’ll be sure to put something together they’ll love:

Don’t send alcohol!  Booze may be confiscated at any border control, and if mum is breastfeeding, she won’t be able to enjoy it!

Send locally sourced and home-made jams and spreads! It’s creative, and has a touch of home in it.

Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Find something in keeping with their sense of humour, they can use a good laugh right about now… There are some hilarious tongue and cheek parenting books available.

Don’t just pick the general off-the-rack swag.

Find out what they love and stick to a theme.  Gear from their favourite TV shows will always be appreciated!

Most of all – Don’t forget to have fun with it!  Your friends will know how much you care as they go through the treasures you have sent.

Thank you Katie and Mike, this was a real treat to receive!
Get a great gift or package recently? Comment below with additional suggestions!

Good luck out there.

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