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This months’ book club recommendation is for the children.  Paul Covello’s Toronto ABC is a colourful highlight of the 26 greatest places that Toronto has to offer. From the AGO to the Zoo, the Wee Baby T ate it all up.

Literally. Good thing this is a sturdy board book!

Reading with your kids isn’t just about the words on the page, it’s about the experiences of life. We sit down with our son and show him these landmarks, and share our stories from each one as well. From meeting outside the Eaton Centre on our first date to getting married at Nathan Phillips Square, K and I relive the highlights of our relationship, one page at a time.

Paul is not just a great children’s writer, he’s also an all-around great guy! Realizing that Toronto isn’t the centre of the universe, he has agreed to give one lucky reader a copy of his book Canada ABC along with a featured print from his amazing Etsy collection to share your experiences with your children.  Just enter below, and remember to follow Dadsense on Facebook, that’s where we will announce the winner after May 12th!

Canada ABC – Share your story


Disclosure: Paul and Harper Collins agreed to send me a copy of Canada ABC for the purpose of this giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Canada ABC – Dadsense Book Club”

  • I love reading to my 10 month old, but reading the same few books gets boring after a while. I’d love to add this to our library to keep reading fun for both of us! Thanks for running this giveaway.

  • Most of my fun Canadian memories happened in Newfoundland growing up and most included our fun fishing trips,i love sharing those with my grandkids.Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway we love books they are so great for adventures and learning.

  • I love this book, it would make a great addition to my classroom library. I share great memories of growing up Canadian, I grew up with the Atlantic Ocean as my playground and bring my daughter there to visit as much as we can. We went whale watching on our last visit to NL

  • All of my memories, child hood or otherwise, are Canadian memories as I have never been anywhere. Born and raised Calgarian, I will share memories of going to the Stampede with I was little and how Calgary has changed since that time (yet how some things are the same).

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