Beyond Lego – The Next Step for STEM

K assembling the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in high school. Both K and I are huge proponents of STEM, and can’t wait to start teaching T.

In 1998 my favourite show went on air – Junkyard Wars.  I was 14 at the time, and the show caught my imagination.  I started looking at things around me, taking toys apart to see how they work, then building my own gadgets with the parts left over.

Unfortunately Junkyard Wars was short-lived on TV (apparently they continued making episodes until 2009, just not on any channels I could tune in to), and I had to find other shows to inspire my curious mind.  While there was a bit of a lull, in 2003 Mythbusters aired.  Over the next 13 years Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, and the build team created THE STEM show to watch.  But like all good things, in 2016 this great show broadcast its last episode.

That’s when I turned to Youtube.  Sure, I’m a 30 something man, but come on – you all get excited for unboxing videos, don’t lie.  I came across Adam Savage’s project Tested and I loved the problem solving nature, and the design and build process.  While it is lighter on the science the creativity of the projects and the mindset of how to get from A to Z(ed) are fascinating to watch.

On the other side of the coin is Vsauce. Michael Stevens walks viewers through math and science topics, covering everything from “What is infinity plus one?” to one of my personal favourites – “The Napkin Ring paradox”.  If only there was a show which combined the science and math from Michael’s Vsauce with the designing, planning, and building of Adam’s Tested…

BUT WAIT!  There is!  Brain Candy Live is on tour in North America, and they’re coming to Toronto on November 25th! Adam and Michael have teamed up to deliver a STEM show to inspire kids of all ages.  What is gravity? But then why, and how, and what does it look like, and did you know…

And the best part? I’ve got 4 tickets for you.  Enter below for your chance to see them live, and as Vsauce always says – thanks for watching.

Brain Candy LIVE!

Good luck out there.

Disclosure:  Brain Candy provided me with 4 tickets to give away.  K and I purchased our own tickets for the show and we are so excited to go!

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