Best Dressed With Momzelle This Season

Hi! This is K, Kevin’s other half and mom to T (plus one more on the way). Before T was born I was concerned with how my self-identity would change when I became a mom. For 10 years I was a young professional, working in Canada’s largest city, growing my career and trying new things. For half a decade I was part of the one-word couple, KandKevin, like TomKat or Bennifer, you’d never find one of us without the other. All of a sudden our twosome would become three, my career would be put on hold for a year, and “trying new things” would mean something entirely different. Would I still be me? Would lack of sleep and stress of a newborn change something between Kevin and I? Would I “let myself go”?

This is my first day out of the house with T. I’m three days post-partum and felt beautiful in my Momzelle nursing dress.

In 2016 I stopped by the Momzelle both at The Baby Show in Toronto because they had a stunning nursing dress on show. For the first time I realized, I could be both a nursing mother, and a fashionable downtown Toronto woman. I bought the dress, then before we left the Show, went back and bought two shirts, a bra and a sweater. By the time T was born, my entire nursing wardrobe was only Momzelle. It’s the only brand I’ve found that embraces being a mom and being an attractive, confident woman. During this pregnancy I’m working with Momzelle as a Brand Ambassador, and continuing to grow my Momzelle maternity/nursing wardrobe.

Dads, grandparents, supportive family/friends, it might seem weird to buy someone a nursing dress, but this could be the thing that helps a mom feel more like herself. Every mom deserves to feel beautiful, and nursing moms might have the hardest time finding something that works for them. Check out these stunning Momzelle nursing dresses, my favourite is the brand new Ella dress:

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Best Dressed With Momzelle This Season

Disclaimer:  Momzelle provided a $25 credit to give away, and as an ambassador for the company I receive products to review.  My opinions are my own.

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