Baby Proofing: (closed)

The Wee Baby T has grown so quickly. From spitting up to sitting up, chubby rolls to rolling over.  Our previously safe home has become the 100 level dungeon from Final Fantasy: Fun to explore, but fraught with danger.

Years ago for my ##th birthday (I’m old, ok?) we visited some university friends in Michigan.  We phoned them up once we got to the condo. “Is it safe for our toddler?” A cursory glance around, I motion to K to pick up the scissors, which were inexplicably on the floor.  “Yup, all good!”

When they arrived there was a more thorough evaluation.  My friend (let’s call him Robb, for simplicity’s sake – also, that’s his name) drops to all fours and starts crawling around.  “Toddler friendly, eh?” What followed was a well choreographed dance that Baryshnikov would have had difficulty mastering.

Baby Proofing is an art:

Robb threw himself into his work, wiggling table legs, poking at electric outlets, leaning on counters and opening drawers.  By the end of his routine he had pointed out a dozen hazards we missed. Among the offenses were:

  • The bottom drawer in the kitchen had all the knives
  • There was a power outlet that wasn’t screwed in to the wall
  • A chair had a broken leg
  • The glass coffee table would topple if a toddler used it to stand up

Oh, and the scissors had found their way back to the floor.

“I… err… Well it seemed safe.”

He hadn’t even started measuring.

Baby Proofing is a science:

Robb’s next task was to set about the condo hip-checking anything that wasn’t nailed down (and some things that were). Like that TV? Want it to stay on the stand? Tough, the centre of gravity is WAY too high.  Roll it into the other room.  That bookshelf has some classics, shame it isn’t bolted to the wall.  Fence it off, no one reads this weekend.  Some of you may be thinking “Man, this guy is neurotic!”, but looking back he was absolutely right.  The place was a death trap, even for adults.

And now it’s my turn:

This weekend I spent most of Saturday groveling on the floor, much to K’s bemusement.  USB cables hanging from the computer, sharp corners on the coffee table, finger pinching points on the dogs crate.  My knees were killing me and I hadn’t even gotten to the kitchen.

Fortunately I have been in touch with Sure Basics, a childproofing company.  Just this week I received everything I would need to secure the kitchen and washrooms, no tools required.  Sure Basics offers a one-size-fits-all solution for baby proofing cabinets and drawers, fastened with 3M (TM) adhesives.  No drilling, no screws, no impossible angles, just one strap for each opening –  refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves included.  Easy to install, and with a bit of dexterity they aren’t too difficult to operate.  They can be removed and reapplied with spare 3M adhesive pads, which is convenient when you don’t line them up square the first time and your wife asks you to try again.

Baby Proofing
Easy peasy, and alarmingly strong.
I’m sure between the two of us we can figure this out…

Once the kitchen was done I moved on to the sliding doors.  Dog food, grubby shoes, precariously stacked board games; in the baby proofing business, this is known as a red-zone.  Or at least it would be if I were in the baby proofing business.  Once again, Sure Basics has a clever latch for sliding doors.  It’s not going to stop the hulk from getting through, but it stumped my neighbor for a good 5 minutes, so I think we’re set.

All in all baby proofing the kitchen and washroom waa a breeze thanks to Sure Basics.  For additional products you can visit their website, or their Amazon store.  The good people at Sure Basics are so dedicated to child safety that they want to give a set of 6 cabinet and drawer safety latches to 10 lucky Canadian readers!  Want your set?  Comment below with your best baby proofing tip to be entered!  Don’t forget to follow Dadsense on Facebook, that’s where we will announce the winners!

Before I wrote this post I reached out to Robb.  “Robb,” I said “Do you mind if I talk about our trip to Michigan in a baby proofing blog post?”

“Not at all!” he replied. “Oh baby proofing…  Your first time around you go over the top.  The second kid you just hope you don’t have to go to the ER.  No, don’t jump on that.  Ok, just don’t fall off…  Well try not to land on your head.  Ya know what, I’m going to another room.”

Good luck out there.

14 thoughts on “Baby Proofing: (closed)”

  • Awesome tips! I have been wondering what to do with the sliding doors myself when my little one arrives. On my to-do list next month and a super important tip: get a handyman to help me with securing a bunch of furniture to the wall. A must-dp with a new baby!

  • We’re probably not that far behind you. I’ve considered just fencing off certain areas instead of baby proofing everything!

  • Great advice! It’s coming up soon for our little guy! My tip is hand make cloth baby gates for the entertainment center area. PlayStation/XBox sensors can still work through them and they aren’t a complete eyesore like the plastic baby area gates

  • Hi, I am looking for a proper condo baby proof, as my baby is just starting to crawl. I covers some corners with bubble wrap. but my baby takes it as a personal challenge to destroy every each wrap :). so i am looking for a safest solution. what you described in article is definitely worth trying.

  • My best (and only tip right now – being a first time mom) is buying one of those clear Rubbermaid containers with a snap close lid, put your power bar in it and then cut a small hole in the side for cords to run out so that baby can’t pull the cords out of the outlets or touch any of the open outlets on the bar. Our sweet girl is 6 months and working on crawling so baby proofing is high on my list of things to do!

  • First time Mom, don’t have very many tips as we are just around the corner of baby proofing. I have seen some of my friends use rubber bands to secure drawers and doors…cheap…but is it super efficient?

  • Put baby-safe Tupperware in a bottom cupboard and leave that one unlocked. They’ll likely make a mess, BUT they become disinterested in all of the other cupboards!

  • Never ever leave chemicals under the sink or kitty litter boxes with out doors, wires hanging around and most importantly ” scissors on the floor” 😉 xo

  • Baby proofing begins with surveying your home from baby’s eye level, so crawl on your knees to experience their perspective. It is very enlightening.
    And don’t forget the corner bumpers on the sharp 90 degree angle cupboards, shelves and tables.

  • Staying low on their level is the best tip making sure you are seeing the things they see! Those lamp cords and all are not only a shock hazard but they could pull it off on them!

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