An Open Letter To The Dads Who Are Absolutely Crushing It:

The other day at the community centre I was standing at the slide with T, observing the father’s around the room interacting with their children and I saw you, sitting quietly in the corner with your son, your daughter playing nearby.  I’ll be honest – I was totally eavesdropping.
“Do you know why we are sitting here?”
“Because you threw the chair.  You could have hurt someone.”
“I know.  I’m sorry.”
“We just need to take a minute to calm down sometimes, right?”
“Are you calm now?”
“Ok.  Now we’ve had to sit here to calm down twice now.  What happens next time I need to tell you to calm down?”
“I dunno…”
“Well, let’s talk about it.  You make the rule – what happens if I need to ask you to calm down again?”
“I sit down in the chair?”
“I think two time-outs is enough for one day, we need a different rule for a third time.  So what happens?”
“We should probably go home.”
“That sounds fair.  But that means your sister has to go home too.  You don’t want to stop her from having fun, do you?”
“Ok, well then I need you to have fun, but be safe and respectful.”
BAM! NAILED IT!  I wanted to walk over and shake your hand.  You, sir, are crushing this parenting thing.
To all the dads that are working every day to raise their kids right, keep at it.  Society is changing and our kids will be the ones picking up the torch and driving that change – inspire them to be the change that this world needs.
Good luck out there.

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