Tiny Travellers – Layovers and Sunscreen

We just returned from our first holiday since the Wee Baby T was born; we have learned a lot about tiny travellers.  From packing to layovers, sun protection to meals on the go, this was an epic journey across the Atlantic, told in 3 parts:

1) Car seats and air travel:

We left home on a sunny but cold afternoon.  Leaving plenty of time to clear airport security we took the UP Express to the airport and checked in with 3 hours to spare.  We had booked 2 seats and ‘babe in arms’ for the flight, but we brought our car seat along, just in case.  Fortunately no one had booked the seat between us, so we had plenty of space.

tiny travellers
Flying with an infant poses all manner of dilemmas.  Arguing over forward or rear facing baby seats guaranteed (we swapped it once the flight attendant wasn’t looking).

Every airport we went through was incredibly accommodating.  Security at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport was thorough, but efficient, and we ended up having a full 2 and a half hours to spare before our flight.  Better than the alternative I suppose!

Need more details?  Try THIS on for size.

2) Packing for the Plane:

With our checked bag sent straight through to Lanzarote we had to pack our carry on baggage with the Wee Baby T in mind.  Spare clothes, diapers, and food meant precious little space for the luxuries that we previously packed for our flights. That novel you’ve been working on for 8 months?  Nope.  The beach isn’t a place to read anyway!! Your DSLR? No way. Cell phone cameras are just as good these days, right?

Even the most serious of pack rats may need guidance when travelling with a little one. Click HERE for tips and tricks based on our packing wins (and fails!)

tiny travellers
Safe time in the sun can be a challenge, but with proper planning and a couple floppy hats it’s easily  overcome.

3) Sun Protection:

As the saying goes: The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains.  We were greeted by 18 degrees and sunshine at 5:30 PM.  What a glorious change of pace!  The cab driver must have thought we were nuts as we piled in to the back of the old station wagon and put the windows down.  The next morning we realized this posed a new problem – While I’m all about getting a little sun-kissed, the Wee Baby T probably wouldn’t look too good with a tan.

Fortunately K had thought ahead and picked up a sunsuit and sunglasses from MEC.  Take a few additional precautions (click HERE for details), and you’re ready to sprint from shady spot to shady spot!

The 10 days flew by and before we knew it we were on our way back to Dublin International for a 14 hour lay-over.  Fortunately on the way back we had booked a 1/2 day reservation at the Holiday Inn Express.  We had a crib waiting for us and actually managed a shower AND get a solid 6 hours of sleep!  Breakfast was wonderful, and the return leg passed with little concern.

tiny travellers
Greedy little guy… His wasn’t enough so he has a go at mine? I don’t think so!
tiny travellers
We scoped out the food situation before we left, so we only needed to pack enough for the flight!

There are times that I feel like we just have a doll that we are carrying around with us – T slept through takeoff and landing every leg of our trip, and only cried when he woke up hungry.  To the other passengers with tiny travelers in tow, I dunno…  try a pacifier? Maybe a bottle? Sorry I can’t help – my guy is asleep.

Good luck out there!

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  • Sounds like a trouble free trip my 4year old twins have flown many times and it’s been great every time. Looks like you had afab time Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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