Thursday Dad Blog Roundup: March 2

Ever wonder why R is the short form for Thursday? I always thought it’s because ‘Rsday’ (Errrrsday) sounds close enough, and T is clearly used for Tuesday. To clear the whole mess up, let’s just call it a dad blog Roundup Day!

Here is a listing of some of my favourite dad blogs from this week. They’re funny, they’re sad, they’re well written, they’re the best I’ve found all week. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

Lesson Learned from a Lukewarm Shower – Faith, Family, and Technology

We’ve all been there – “I should really do ‘x’.  It will only take a few minutes though, so I’ll do it later.”  How long have you been putting off that project that could have been done 5 minutes after you noticed it?  I just put the hinges on the toy chest I made back in November, so that’s crossed off my list!

Dad Guide: How to Tell a Good Dad Joke – Dad Goes Round

A must read if you’re going to be a dad.  This is a vital skill that must be mastered before your child grows out of the window when they will fall for your dad jokes.

I Like that I’m Weird – DevelopingDad

That moment when you realize you’re weird, and that’s ok.  I can’t wait for the Wee Baby T to become his own weirdo and see how that unfolds.

Bonus tweet of the week from Modern Father Online:

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