Sterilize all the things!

When i told my boss that the Wee Baby T was on his way, he offered some great advice as well as a warning about how much time I would spend cleaning and getting bottles sterilized. Having no previous experience I took him at his word, but I think my wife and I have a much easier way to handle this pesky chore.

One of the major advantages of the Playtex Drop-ins liner system for feeding the Wee Baby T is there is way less cleaning up to do after each feed – throw out the liner, clean the nipple, Bob’s your uncle.  I couldn’t imagine using and cleaning standard bottles for every feed.

Even with the reduced cleaning, we still find an electric bottle sterilizer to be a must have.  We use our Cuisinart Baby sterilizer (discontinued) for the bottles that we store pumped milk in, the nipples, pacifiers, spoons for solid foods, ice cube trays, even toys!  Anything and everything that the Wee Baby T puts in his mouth.

It takes about 15 minutes to sterilize.  Just load up bottles in the bottom rack, everything else on top, put a cap full of water in it and turn it on.

My only criticism is the placement of the steam vent and the length of the power cord.  At the back of the lid is a small hole designed to let excess steam escape from the unit.  Unfortunately that steam will escape directly under your kitchen cabinets and delaminate the wood, so be sure to pull the sterilizer out as far as the plug will reach.  Even stretched as far as possible, I feel like our cabinets may be at risk.  If the steam vent were towards the front of the unit or the cord were just 4 or 5 inches longer you wouldn’t have any problem getting the sterilizer out from under standard depth cabinetry.

The electric bottle sterilizer is a much faster and easier way to sterilize any and all of your baby’s gear, and quite probably more efficient than using the stovetop to boil water.  There are plenty of options on Amazon, all around $75.00.  It’s completely worth it!

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