It’s quiet… Perhaps a little too quiet.

I’m working from home today.  The living room is tidy, there are no dishes in the sink, and the dog is sitting quietly at my feet.  All of which means that T is in daycare.  It seems serene, which is wonderful for me, but boring for you.  Sorry.

I suppose it is a good thing to have a break from time to time, to get caught up on the work to be done.  But I’m at a loss as to what I should be doing right now, and when that happens I start projects.  When K was breastfeeding the Wee Baby T and I found myself watching and unable to directly help I started building things.  Now I’m taking a more cerebral approach.  Introducing my newest project: ProDoula Childbirth Educator!

That’s right, I’m going to teach people how to have babies. I mean… not THAT part.

What started as a plan to join the few male Doulas (or Dudelas as I assume they would like to be called), has evolved into a more reasonable personal development plan.  After a year of taking care of the Wee Baby T, I have found that I really quite enjoy this Dadding thing, and I like to think I’m quite good at it…  Time to step up my game and become certified to share my knowledge with parents-to-be.

Wish me luck, this test is intense!

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