Pinterest Fail, or, Our First Call to Poison Control

Yesterday the Wee Baby T celebrated his first birthday!  To mark the occasion we had the traditional party with family and a good old fashioned cupcake smash, but we wanted to do something more permanent as well.  With some inspiration from Pinterest we ventured out to the art supply store and were ready to get crafty.


The premise was simple enough – canvas, paint, baby.  Put all three in a bathtub and let the chaos ensue.

Before we began we called Poison Control:  “Hi, we are about to do an art project and I just want to make sure we’re going to be ok…”  The registered nurse was incredibly helpful.  “That brand is non-toxic.  If he puts it in his mouth, he probably won’t like the taste and he’ll just spit it out.  Other than some colourful poops, he’ll be fine.”

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With that sorted we dove right in.  After splattering paint in some key areas we let T take over.  While initially hesitant and unsure of what we expected, he eventually started smearing and scraping to his hearts content.  Only stopping to put his hands in his mouth once.  He was so fast there was no stopping him.

The acrylic paint was easy enough to clean up, but I’m glad we had a diaper on him through the process.  By the end there was paint everywhere, so if you’re going to try this be sure to schedule it just before bath time.  Better yet, put the canvas inside a plastic bag so the paint is contained.

All in all I think it looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to hang it in my office!  Happy birthday buddy,  I hear Monet ate paint all the time.

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