Is Loving Your Child Enough?

I told myself I wouldn’t be political, I told myself I wouldn’t be judgmental. I told myself this was a diary of our day-to-day lives and a chance to be involved in the growing dad movement.  But then Tamara Lovett was charged with negligence in the death of her son Ryan in 2013.  After ‘treating’ him for 10 days he died from an infection, a tragedy which could be easily prevented had she taken him to see a doctor.  They probably could have also cured the meningitis and pneumonia that Ryan was suffering from.

I’m baffled that someone doesn’t trust a doctor.  I’m flabbergasted that someone wouldn’t register their child for a birth certificate.  While I don’t agree with ‘anti-vaxxers’ I can understand their concerns and fears.  I mean they are wrong and they are putting children’s lives in danger, but I can still sympathize.  But to not trust the government to the point that you won’t register your own child, to not trust doctors to treat even the most standard medical issues is beyond me.  Tamara thought her son had a cold or flu and so she treated him with dandelion tea and oil of oregano.  She failed to notice signs that his illness was beyond her abilities to treat until it was too late.

I don’t judge Tamara as a bad parent, or a mother who doesn’t love her child. She was dedicated and genuinely thought she was doing the right thing, but sometimes loving your child isn’t enough.  How do we help people who won’t help themselves? How can we stop the effect of the uneducated on the unknowing? I’m furious and sad, I want Tamara to go free and to be locked away – her only crime being she loved her son and refused to take care of him.

This is not a happy day, this is not a moment to be celebrated.  This is a day we can learn from – but the only ones who will learn are those that already know.


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