Kids Say The Darndest Things:

Before having kids, you hear about the “terrible-twos”, and very little else about two-year-olds. While we are jumping straight into the deep end in terms of tantrums, “mine” and refusal to eat anything remotely healthy, I think two-years-old might be my favourite stage yet. Just before T’s second birthday, he went from a vocabulary of 10 words, to 50, with new words added everyday. Along with these new words, he’s starting to engage in imaginative play and make connections between concepts and the real-world, which leads to some hilarious interactions.

T’s first two-word sentence: Go Away!

One of T’s favourite books is The Paper Bag Princess. When Princess Elizabeth follows the dragon to his cave, she knocks on the door, and the dragon shouts back “GO AWAY! I will eat you tomorrow!”. Now each time someone knocks on anything, a door, table, book, T’s response is “Go Away”, which can be shocking for Grandma, our mail carrier, or visiting friends. He really wants you to come inside, I swear!

T is about to eat a bowl of baked fish and brown rice: Baby shark. NOM!

Have you listened to the newest hit kid’s song, Baby Shark? Well you should. Then you’ll fully understand why it’s so funny that T thought of himself as a shark, about to eat fish. The connection between a fish in a song, and a real fish in his bowl is mind-blowing to me.

It’s first swear word (kind of): Shoot

And we’ve reached the parrot stage. T picks words out of conversations that he overhears and repeats them. We went for a hike and told T we were going to a waterfall, he said the word over and over until we reached it (25 minutes). Which is why I shouldn’t have been surprised when I bashed my leg on the couch and exclaimed “shoot”, which T repeated for 5 minutes. Glad I didn’t say what I really wanted to.

T’s favourite exclamation: Oh wow!

We first heard this gem when T opened up his playroom door on his second birthday and saw the floor covered with balloons. “Oh wow!”, was indeed the correct response, and now he’s carried this saying into other parts of life that lead us to laugh or shake our heads. While burning some energy off during a rainy day at the mall, T stopped in front of Victoria’s Secret, pointed at a large poster of a woman in barely-there lingerie, and yelled loud enough for everyone to hear, “Oh wow!”

These inspired, funny and thoughtful moments help to balance out the barrage of “No!”, “Mine!” and “EWWWWWW!” (who tough him that one?). While we are working hard to “use our words” and not throw toys, it’s also fun to watch T sit with a book and “read” to his toys, today he even willingly gave one of his trains (his most prized possessions in life) to his sister. I move that we re-name “terrible-twos” to “thrilling-twos”, “tremendous-twos” or even “toddlers-got-talent-twos”.

No matter how old your little ones are, good luck out there

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