I’m Not The Babysitter #dadstories

Gearing up for some 1 on 1 time with the Wee Baby T!

Last weekend K had her first ‘day off’ in 9 months. She met an old friend and they went hiking for the day.  AN ENTIRE DAY! Eager to seize my time alone with the Wee Baby T, I had already planned out the schedule – Play time in the morning, the Baby-time show in the afternoon, maybe squeeze in a jog before his 4 PM nap. It was going to be great.

It was gloriously warm out, a fitting end to March. I loaded T up in the stroller, diaper bag already packed, and we ventured off to the Baby-Time Show. We wandered past the displays, vendor after vendor of adorable onesies, accessories, car seats, and strollers. Oh, and insurance companies. So many insurance companies!!

We arrived early on Sunday, so it wasn’t overly crowded. I paused at some booths to look at this or that, T reached out to feel the very odd lion-fur nursery rug, or try to get his hands on the toys strategically suspended at stroller height. But despite our clear interest, not a single person approached me. Booth after booth I lingered, initially curious about their wares, but then more as an experiment. Vendors would simply walk past me to engage a mother standing just behind me.

I turned to wander down the last aisle, navigating the stroller through the line of parents-to-be waiting for their free swag when finally I hear ‘Hello!!’

I’m not sure what surprised me more – the fact that a vendor had finally engaged me, or that it took so long. Eager for the social interaction I quickly responded. I felt like that guy at parties who hangs out by the punch bowl so people have to talk to him.

I was lucky enough to have been stopped by Rose, the founder of Fidgets – teething jewelry and pacifier clips. After a quick discussion about the show itself we started talking about her products.  Coincidentally I was looking for a new pacifier clip! $15 later our exchange was complete and T was gnawing away, we bid Rose adieu and continued on.

Revitalized by this human interaction, we struck out again. As we neared the end of the show, the exit looming, we found the BabyBjorn booth, and were greeted with smiles and a great demonstration of their new line of carriers, but what struck me even more than the carriers themselves (which are brilliant and reviewed HERE) was how appropriate the campaign that BabyBjorn sponsors is: #dadstories.

When T was born I held him for the first 4 hours of his life.  If he wasn’t in my arms it was because the doctors had wrestled him away because they “need to do tests” or “he has to nurse”.  As we sat in the blue plastic reclining chair I realized my life was so different.  I wanted to be better than myself, better than what society thought I should be.

We are a part of a bigger story, a change in the way society views fathers and their responsibilities. I didn’t take my son to the baby-time show to be a hero, I went because I’m a father, I wanted to see what was available, I was ready to buy toys, clothes, books, and accessories for my son. Hell, I might have even bought some insurance! Although, probably not… But I was ignored, passed over time and again for the mothers in the crowd.

This is my #dadstory, a hopeful tale of fathers being a bigger part of their children’s lives.  A growing community of dads who want to be seen as more than babysitters. We try so hard to level the playing field, to be involved. Time and again we are disregarded. I see hope though, while Huggies continues it’s matronly focused marketing, companies like BabyBjorn have embraced the role that fathers can – and want to – play. If other brands follow the path that BabyBjorn is blazing for fathers, we’ll get there eventually.

What’s your story?  BabyBjorn wants to know!  Share your story on Instagram with #Dadstories and enter to win a free BabyBjorn One carrier from the new Spring Collection below!
#Dadstories Baby Carrier One Giveaway!

Good luck out there.

Disclosure:  I received compensation and a carrier for myself and one to give away from BabyBjorn to facilitate this review and giveaway.  All opinions are my own.


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18 thoughts on “I’m Not The Babysitter #dadstories”

  • Carriers are an amazing way to get parents out in the dead of winter so mom can sleep! My husband could head out with our newborn in the dead of winter, so nice.

  • This is such an important message for dads everywhere to hear and for the women in their lives to remind them. Try to self-reflect on statements made to dads before saying them out loud, be encouraging without being condescending.

  • I was trying to enter into the competition for the carrier, but for some reason it didn’t work. Carriers are amazing solution, we love them as our little one never cries when in carrier. We lost one during travels and had to order another one immediately. Seriously, what would we did without it, especially for those who love to move ( travel, hiking etc). Another good thing about carrier is that you can access so many places that are not stroller friendly.

  • My hubby is super excited to hear that we are expecting in December – our newborn is coming in August. He’s so excited to be a dad and probably will have lots of #DadStories to share! He would love to try out the carrier as well!

  • My little one is coming in about 4 months and I’m super stoked. I hope once he is born that I will create many #DadStories that will impact his life. I’m already trying to create #DadStories by talking to him every night in my wife’s belly. Having this carrier will help create more #DadStories moments in and around town and the journey we will take together. It will be a learning process for both me and my child. Thanks for the chance! I hope I get to try it out and create #DadStories like you do!

  • My husband would absolutely love to have this carrier. He tried one on in a store and found it to be far superior to all
    Of the other carriers available. It would be wonderful to win one and surprise him with this gift so that he can enjoy carrying our 3 month old boy, on walks and around the house.

  • My Hubs is looking forward to wearing this baby, which is something I don’t think he’s have done with our four year old because it hadn’t occurred to him that he could. And that’s not because he isn’t a hands-on dad (because he really is) – I think there has been a shift even in the past few years to include dads in more of these aspects of parenthood. It’s exciting, but you’re right – more needs to change.
    #That Friday Linky

  • My partner would absolutely love this. We are expecting our first child and I am definitely picturing him using this! #DadStories

  • These carriers look awesome and a fab giveaway Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  • My husband claims the one we currently have is to complicated to use. If we win this, he has no excuse not to carry the baby!

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