Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

There is so much emphasis on starting new habits with the new year, but there’s no need to wait until January. Try adding some “clean” habits to your daily life that could improve your health. It’s as easy as doing one or two things differently every day for self-care.

Here are a few healthy habits I want to instate this spring that you can consider:

  1. It’s not summer, but there’s still sun. We often think of sunscreen on hot summer days before we hit the beach or pool, but we don’t consider it enough year-round. We sometimes shy away from applying sunscreen daily because it can take long to absorb, or leaves an unwanted residue.  That’s why Coppertone has developed ClearlySheer Whipped and WaterBabies Whipped. Both absorb quickly, leave skin hydrated and provide SPF 50 protection from UVA/UVB rays so you and your family can stay protected all year round.
  2. Take advantage of the outdoors. As it gets nicer outside, it tends to become easier to keep (or restart) your New Year’s resolution to be more active. Working out does not always have to be in a gym or be strenuous activity. Walk around your neighbourhood, catch the blooming cherry blossoms or go on a hike. If you do strain your muscles, treat your pain with ALEVE Back & Body Pain. One pill gives you up to 12 hours of relief from muscle pain, body pain and headaches.
  3. Take time to meditate. This may sound daunting, but it only takes a few minutes a day to practice meditation and focus your mind. There are many kinds of meditation and apps you can use to get started. Meditation can help centre you before the day begins, or unwind after a long day.
  4. Review your diet.  I’m the worst at this – as soon as it gets cold I stock the freezer with ready-made dinners and Ice Cream.  I skip lunch because it’s too cold to go for a walk to get food, and I rely on comfort foods at the end of cold dreary days.  I can readily imagine life before we could readily ship fresh vegetables from warmer climates in the winter.  But now – no excuses .  Time to get back to eating fresh, and maybe even squeeze in a run here and there.

Spring has sprung, and I hope you’ll join me in adopting new healthy habits as the weather warms and days get longer. Tell me what habit you’d like to add to your routine.

Good luck out there.

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

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