Get Out and About. Life After Baby

After 5 months, the Wee Baby T is slowly settling into a routine, allowing us to schedule feedings and (sometimes) naps. Now it’s time to get out and about!  Try some of these ideas on for size:

Local parent groups:
K had found a couple of local mom groups that she can pop in to throughout the  week, which is fantastic. They line their strollers up outside William’s Coffee and take up half the restaurant chatting and generally enjoying the change of scenery.  Getting out and about with other parents is a great way to expand your social circles.

Museums and galleries:
20161021_115742This year we bought family passes to the art gallery and aquarium. I find it is nice to have a quiet spot to walk through and calm yourself.  Of course sometimes T doesn’t agree, but for the most part he is content in the carrier. He seems to enjoy Monet.  Manet? I can never tell…  Either way, getting out and about with culture can make for a nice break in a busy week.

Festivals and events:
Out and AboutLiving in a major city, there is always something going on – homeshows, artisan exhibitions, historical reenactments, etc.  Taking the Wee Baby T out for these events helps stimulate him, and he sleeps like an angel when we get home.  Again, the added advantage of being outside, ejoying something beyond the condo.

Out and AboutOf course, this gets a little trickier.  Hopefully you catch him just as he is falling asleep when you sit down to eat, and he naps through the entire meal. If he wakes up be ready for anything – including a cold meal.  K and I ask for the bill when our food arrives, so we don’t have to wait around if we need to make an emergency exit.

Out for a walk:
Sometimes it is nice just to go for a walk, when the destination doesn’t matter.  Some of our nicest outings have been to the grocery store or the passport office – just a chance to talk and be out and about.

Getting out and about with your baby doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Be prepared, plan your stops, and make up an excuse to get out of the house.  Just remember: wherever you go, there you are.

Good luck out there.

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3 thoughts on “Get Out and About. Life After Baby”

  • I agree, I think we need to use our city to our advantage, if anything to humble brag about the above things we can do with our kids that suburbanites can’t do. I’ll remind myself of this while I wait for the streetcar in -10 with a stroller. How about an article about riding around on transit and your thoughts about it, vs. car vs. bikes? I’d love to get some ideas about how to be at peace with our less than perfect transit system

    • I’m going to miss the city when we do eventually need to move out to the suburbs, but for now I am loving the convenience of it all!

      Thanks for the suggestion, that’s a great idea Katie! The ‘Rocket’ may not be perfect, but it’s the best we’ve got, might as well use it…

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