Dad Blog Thursday Roundup: January 5, 2017

Ever wonder why R is the short form for Thursday? I always thought it’s because ‘Rsday’ (Errrrsday) sounds close enough, and T is clearly used for Tuesday. To clear the whole mess up, let’s just callĀ it a dad blog Roundup Day!

Here is a listing of some of my favourite dad blogs from this week. They’re funny, they’re sad, they’re well written, they’re the best I’ve found all week. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

Why You Should Never Let a Three-Year-Old Name Your Baby – Bewildered Dad
On the pressure of naming your child, and soliciting advice from a toddler.

Tony Tries It – Fresh Face Mask – Faith, Family, and Technology
On supporting your daughter, and looking good doing it.

And just for a laugh, this comic from Somebody’s Father (check out his page, it’s BRILLIANT!):


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