Dad Blog Thursday Roundup – December 8

Ever wonder why R is the short form for Thursday? I always thought it’s because ‘Rsday’ (Errrrsday) sounds close enough, and T is clearly used for Tuesday, but it seems to me more apt to use it for a dad blog Roundup Day!

Here is a listing of some of my favourite dad blogs from this week. They’re funny, they’re sad, they’re well written, they’re the best I’ve found all week. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

What I Learned as a First Year Father – HowWeBecameUs
Hilarious insight to the ups and downs of the first year of being a father.  Oh how I miss my inner gangster. *throws up super awkward dad gangster sign*

Reading With Your Child – HowToDaddoo
A touching piece, and some great advice.  Take time to read with your child – it helps them learn and grow, and do you really need another excuse to cuddle with your little one?  If I may add, do the voices too, it’s important.

The Meaning Behind Let It Snow – TenorDad
Hilarious twist on a Christmas favourite that makes me want to dig out the lyrics to some other seasonal tunes.  It makes me wonder if Loretta Lynn was actually singing about a tree in I Won’t Decorate Your Christmas Tree This Year.

Do you have a favourite Dad Blog I should be following?  Let me know for next week!

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