Canadian Aviation And Space Museum – Out of This World Family Fun

The story so far:  Kia gave us a Sorento SX+ for the weekend (you can read that review here) and told us to go enjoy a long weekend away. We packed up our bags and some snacks for the road and took off to Ottawa.  Thanks to the super smooth ride and quiet interior, the Wee Baby T slept almost the entire way, waking up just long enough for us to belt out a couple of tunes and grab a bite to eat.

Our first night there we spent some time seeing friends and wandering around the capital.  With Canada’s 150th birthday just around the corner everything is in high gear for the festivities.

Our first morning we visited the Musée Canadien de L’Histoire (The Canadian History Museum) over in Quebec.  It was a fantastic museum with so much to see.  Be sure to head over to this post to read more and enter for your chance to win a family pass (Quebec residents can enter too!!).

Our whole trip was building up to visiting the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Growing up in Virginia, the Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institute was a staple – school trips, family visiting from out of town, we inevitably ended up there.  With all of Canada’s contributions to space exploration over the years (Canadarm 1 & 2 obviously, but also the landing gear from the Apollo lunar landings, the STEM antena system, and Chris Hadfield himself!) I was excited to see the Canadian museum.  With artifacts from the beginning of flight through WW2, all the way to the CF188 and the Avro Arrow (or what’s left of it), it’s a great experience for history buffs and air travel enthusiasts alike.

When traveling with children of any age, it’s such a relief when exhibits encourage you to touch and interact with the story the museum is telling. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum has SO many amazing hands-on exhibits that kids of all ages will be engaged.

The Wee Baby T loved being able to crawl into a miniature space shuttle, dress up as a pilot, and push all the buttons in a mock cockpit.

After T fell asleep, we got really hands-on in the Flight Simulator, which placed Uncle Kris in the cockpit of a commercial jet and had him taking off, diving, overheating the engines and exploding, re-starting, then landing. With all of the interactive exhibits, be sure to give yourself and your family at least 2-3 hours to fully explore when visiting.


Space, the final frontier.  At the Canada Aviation and Space Museum you can go where few have gone before, and we want to send you there for free!  Enter below for your family pass to fun:

Canada Aviation and Space Museum – Out Of This World Family Fun!

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