And then there were two…

Surprise!  If you’re reading this as it’s published, you are somewhere around the 7th person to know – T is going to be a big brother by February!
When we decided we wanted children we thought about what our family would eventually look like.  We both decided 2 would be perfect (I also suggested 11 so we could field an entire footie team.  K put the kibosh on that).  The debate we then had was how far apart to have them.  Unsurprisingly, our opinions directly correlated to our own life experiences.  With my sister being 4 years older than I am I suggested a wider gap, however K’s brother is just 18 months younger than she is and she felt this would be the ideal gap.  After much discussion I was swayed to her line of thinking.
So 2 under 2 it is.  The thinking that really shifted my mind was if they are close together we go through all of the toys and stages relatively close, no need to store a box of hand-me-downs for years only to find out they need to be thrown away because our Ziploc Vacuum bag didn’t seal properly.  They will be interested in the same movies, they will have the same circles of friends, they will (for the most part) be in the same schools, etc.
Now we just need to get through the next 6 months. Wish us luck!

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